Marijuana Dispensary Specials – Happy Hour

Flower Monday: 20% off All Prepackaged flower products
(Mt.Vernon and Pullman 25% off)

Cyber Tuesday: 20% off all online orders
(Mt.Vernon and Pullman 25% off)

Wax Wednesday: 25% off all Jarred Concentrates

Self-care Thursday: 20% off all edibles and drinks
(Mt.Vernon and Pullman 25% off)

Smokeless Saturday: 15% off all cartridges
(Mt.Vernon and Pullman 25% off)

Vendor of the Week Sunday: 30% off selected vendors

Opening -10am and 9pm till closing: 20% Off

2pm-4pm: 10% Off

Medical Patients: – 20%
Seniors: (60+) -20%
Industry: -20% ( Only with Current Paystub)
Veterans: -20%

Marijuana Dispensary Specials - Happy Hour